5 people who will be negatively affected By John Cena Dating Carmella

#1 WWE/John Cena/ Roman Reigns

John Cena has been WWE’s top guy for over a decade and its no secret that the company still heavily relies on the former champion both inside and outside the ring for various reasons. Unfortunately for WWE, they are going to face a lot of backlash from longtime fans if it is revealed that Cena is actually currently dating Carmella.

Not only could affect everything from t-shirt sales to the reaction he receives every time he steps in the ring, it could also affect WWE’s bottom line in the process. Not to mention that the company would face a multitude of mainstream backlash if media outlets start picking up on rumors and shwoing how easy it was for Cena to move on.

In the end, this could be a very bad situation for WWE and John Cena if the rumors turn out to be true. It could also force WWE to find another top guy quicker then expected, which is already proving to be a tall task after WWE has failed multiple times in trying to get fans behind Reigns.

With that in mind, this could also force WWE to give up on Roman Reigns as the top guy and find another replacement to get fans attention off of the situation with John Cena and Carmella. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but it will be very interesting to watch all this play out in the coming weeks.


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