5 people who will be negatively affected By John Cena Dating Carmella

#2 Nikki Bella

Interestingly enough, the storyline for Carmella’s current title reign seems to draw many parallels to that of Nikki Bella’s back in 2012. In fact, the addition of The,” MellaBrations,: and overly heelish antics to win the match could be a throwback to what happened with Nikki Bella in previous years.

Not only do the similarities between the two storylines hint at Cena and Carmella being an item behind the scenes , especially with her surprise win the night after WrestleMania 34 , it also alludes to Cena doing this as some measure of revenge against his former Fiance, Nikki Bella.

Whether that part is actually true or not remains to be seen and will be highly dependant on what information comes out next about the story, but fans have to admit that there are a variety of similarities between the two storylines. With that in mind and Nikki Bella still a WWE superstar, Cena and Carmella could also screw her over in other ways.

From wanting WWE to put Nikki Bella in lackluster feuds, to having her get decimated by Carmella in a one on one match up for The Women’s title, there is very little limit to what the duo can do to Nikki if Cena is legitimately behind all this. If nothing else, this could be a negative turning point for Bellas career, and guarantee she doesn’t see the title picture again for a long time.

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