5 people who will be negatively affected By John Cena Dating Carmella

#4 The Smackdown Live Women’s Division¬†

The entire Smackdown Live Women’s division will also take a backseat to Carmella if the rumor is true, which could mean that Carmella steamrolls through the competition for the foreseeable future. Of course it will be relatively easy to do with her heelish tactics hurting the legitimacy of her wins, but it is believed that Mella will be money for the foreseeable future.

With that being said, there is not one single superstar on the Smackdown Live roster that can pull the kind of magic that Cena can backstage, which means that Carmella could be on top for quite a while. Cena’s backstage magic could also determine how and when she eventually loses the title, meaning that Carmella has full control of her destiny right now.

In the end, superstars like Asuka, The Iconics, Naomi, Lana, Tamina and Charlotte, are all going to be taking a backseat to Carmella on Smackdown Live, which could ultimately have negative effects on their respective careers. It could also seriously limit the potential of the division and create a women’s storyline that fans aren’t interested in.

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