5 people who will be negatively affected By John Cena Dating Carmella

#5 Charlotte

The first causality of all this has to be Charlotte, who lost her Women’s title the night after WrestleMania 34 and is now chasing Carmella to win the belt back. While it can’t be confirmed at this time, it is believed that John Cena pulled some strings backstage to help his new girlfriend win the title.

If the rumor is true then Charlotte will most likely be unsuccessful in trying to win back her title in the coming months and Carmella could go on to have on to have a very long title reign on Smackdown Live. Again, its not known if this is the reason Carmella won the title after WrestleMania 34 or not, but it is being speculated that it was a major factor in the decision.

Unfortunately for Charlotte, if Cena is indeed pulling the strings backstage, not even Charlotte can change that and she will have to continue to take a backseat role to Carmella for the foreseeable future.

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