10 Problems With Raw And Smackdown Live And How To Fix Them

Monday Night Raw: confusing storytelling

There’s nothing wrong with WWE making a change to a storyline at the last minute, but when it doesn’t make any sense and hurts the overall believably of story being told, its takes fans out of the story. For example, WWE had The Shield reunite to help Roman Reigns fend off Bruan Strowman from cashing in, but later explained it as a one off and turned Strowman heel.

Then there’s WWE decision to start planting seeds about Dean Ambrose turning on his Shield brethren, which is a little too early. It also really makes the whole Shield reunion seem like a sham for some merchandise sales. That’s at least how it feels anyway and besides, with Roman Reigns still receiving negative reactions from The WWE Universe, it looks like the reunion didn’t work on any level.

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