10 Problems With Raw And Smackdown Live And How To Fix Them

Monday Night Raw: The tag team division

It’s no secret that The Raw tag team division has been absolutely abysmal ever since Bruan Strowman and Nicholas won the belts at WrestleMania 34, but things have only gotten worse from there. Not only is that evident by fluke teams like The Deleter’s of Worlds, The B Team, having runs with the tag team titles, but also by how little of a storyline was invested into these feuds.

With that in mind, it has become obvious that WWE has no idea how to make The Tag team division interesting again and is now throwing ideas against the wall to see if they stick or not. Sure, there are teams like The Shield, Ziggler and McIntyre and AOP, but they still aren’t getting nearly the amount of focus that it used to yield.  They also aren’t getting the best of storyline’s either.

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