10 Problems With Raw And Smackdown Live And How To Fix Them

Smackdown Live: Lackluster endings

Monday Night Raw might suffer from some of the most formulaic openings in WWE’s storied history, but they are able to handle a main event much better than Smackdown Live can even dream of. Not only that, Smackdown Live has been known to try these out of left field experiments that they think will work but end up just looking bizarre.

Take the September 25th episode of Smackdown Live, where Samoa Joe taunted AJ Styles by going to his house. The moment definitely had the audience both at home and in the crowd in absolute suspense, but they never did anything with it. They just had Joe make a vague threat, ring the door bell and then everything cut to black.

Of course this might be just coming from an avid lover of the ruthless aggression era, but it feels like WWE could have done a lot more with that than what they ultimately did. Why have Joe back Styles wife against the wall while the child is crying. Or at least do something that makes it feel that fans didn’t waste their time for investing emotionally in the moment.

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