10 Problems With Raw And Smackdown Live And How To Fix Them

Monday night Raw continuing to use Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar might be a strong box office attraction for The WWE, but that doesn’t mean he can’t wear out his welcome like other stars do. Unfortunately for Lesnar, he really wore out his welcome during his yearlong Universal title reign and only made things worse by becoming more and more of a heel on camera as the months gone on.

While all that was seemingly the logical conclusion to Brock Lesnar’s storyline and his time in The WWE, the company pulled a Hail Mary and brought Lesnar back at Hell in a Cell to confront Strowman and Reigns. Not only was the move an excuse to get Strowman out of the match without a clean loss, it also brings back someone into the title picture that The WWE Universe probably didn’t work.

With that being said, the only real way to solve this problem is to make Brock Lesnar a free agent and have him move between Raw and Smackdown Live. At least that way, Lesnar has a plethora of new opponents and new title to set his sights on, but also finally relieves Monday Night Raw’s title picture of being oversaturated by Lesnar.

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