10 Problems With Raw And Smackdown Live And How To Fix Them

Monday Night Raw: use of Finn Balor

It’s really a crime how WWE is choosing to use Finn Balor. Not only Is that evident by the way they wrote him out of The Universal title picture the night after Summerslam, but also by what they have done with him since then. In fact, between his loss to Bruan Strowman, and his multiple loses to Baron Corbin, Balor just isn’t getting the kind of treatment he deserves.

If WWE doesn’t want him in the title picture right now than that’s perfectly fine, but don’t take someone that could be one of your biggest stars and turn them into filler act? Of course some people are probably happy that he is currently tagging with Bayley in the mixed match challenge, which is a step up for him, but it’s far removed from what Balor deserves.

With that being said, WWE needs to strongly consider putting Balor somewhere higher on the card. Maybe not in a championship role like a lot of fans want, but give him the general manager job or something. Don’t keep him off of Raw for weeks and then bring him back to team up with Bayley in the mixed match challenge. Doing that makes it hard for The WWE Universe to take him seriously!

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