10 Problems With Raw And Smackdown Live And How To Fix Them

Smackdown Live United States title picture

Remember when WWE used to care about The United States title?  Maybe some will think that WWE still does, especially with the feud they are now doing between Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton, but they haven’t been doing a lot with the title lately. In fact, Nakamura didn’t even defend The United States title at The Hell in a Cell pay per view.

WWE even tried to do taped vignettes of Nakamura claiming American as his own, but didn’t follow up on It and instead kept him feuding with Jeff Hardy. Not only was that a huge letdown after the month or so the two had already been feuding, but it also segwayed into Nakamura being removed from the feud and replaced with Orton.

If nothing else, Nakamura needs to defend the title on a consistent basis. John Cena, Seth Rollins and others have done too much with that title for it to devalued that way..  In all honesty, The United States title has become one of the least reverent titles on the entirety of the blue brand and it’s only going to continue with decision making like this.

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