10 Problems With Raw And Smackdown Live And How To Fix Them

Monday Night Raw: no decent midcard feuds

What Smackdown Live lacks in time, they sometimes make up for in quality content. Raw on the other hand, just doesn’t have anything interesting happening in their midcard right now and its really bringing down the show! Seriously though, how are fans supposed to get excited about midcard feuds when the only notable feud besides Ronda Rousey’s is maybe the tag team division?

Of course the tag team division is also involved in the main title picture right now, which means that it doesn’t really count, but what does Raw have left besides that? Sure, Bayley and Sasha Banks teaming up is a fan favorite and Baron Corbin is excelling in his heel authority role, but there is nothing of substance beyond that.

In the end, WWE needs to make the midcard matter again. They need to make things personal between the two stars like they did on Smackdown Live with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. If nothing else, WWE needs to give The WWE Universe a reason to care about the midcard feuds on Raw and so far they just haven’t done that.

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