10 Problems With Raw And Smackdown Live And How To Fix Them


Monday Night Raw formulaic openings

While this could probably be true for both Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live, it is the red brand that ultimately goes to this well way too often. In fact, WWE has started Monday night Raw off countless times this year with Roman Reigns simply walking to the ring, calling out his opponent and setting a match for later in the night.

Maybe they switch it up every once in a while and the heel will come out first, but its been a pretty cut and paste formula for a while now. Again, Smackdown Live is somewhat guilty of doing this too, but they at least showcased different feuds when they did it. With Raw however, it’s the same homogenized mess of Reigns struggling through a promo, kicking an opponent’s ass and a match being set up.

If nothing else, WWE needs some variation and with the absolutely stacked roster they have, they should be more than capable of doing this. Why not start things off with Ronda Rousey more? At least that would draw publicity towards the opening of the show! Not only that, it would be a huge elevator for the women’s division to get to start the show a couple of times.

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