10 NASCAR Drivers That Turned Out To Be Complete Busts

#4 Scott Speed

Scott Speed might sound like a name that would be plastered on a lot of NASCAR trophies, but it was never meant to be. While Speed did enjoy some success in stock car racing, manly four wins in The ARCA series and a one victory in The Truck series, he didn’t fair nearly as well when it came time for Cup or even Xfinity Series competition.

Speed ran five seasons in The Cup Series and while he was never given the best equipment to work with, he never seemed to do much with what he had either. In fact, in a span of 118 races, Speed stands with one top-five, four top-ten’s and an average finish of 30.7 or worse at The Cup level.  He didn’t even manage to be a good qualifier and stands with an average start of 34.0

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