10 NASCAR Drivers That Turned Out To Be Complete Busts

#5 Paul Menard

Money talks, but it can only take a driver so far. Unfortunately for Paul Menard, who has been sponsored by his father’s company for most of his career, is still failing to stay competitive. In fact, Paul Menard raced full time in The Cup Series, but didn’t win a race until 2007 and is now only a seven year losing streak.

Of course Menard finally lost his ride at Richard Racing after several years of poor performances and is now with Wood Brother Racing, but he is even managing to struggle there as well. Not only is that evident by his 17th place standings in points, but also by the fact that Menard only has one top-five in the first 19 races of the season.

In the end, maybe Paul Menard wasn’t going to set the world on fire, but he should be doing a lot better than he is at this point in his career. One would think that they would have at least seen some kind of uptick in his performance after over a decade in The Cup Series, but he continues to have subpar performance after subpar performance and its becoming obvious that he’s the problem!

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