10 NASCAR Drivers That Turned Out To Be Complete Busts

#9 Trevory Bayne

Trevor Bayne’s NASCAR career be described in four simple words. Good, but not great. While Trevor Bayne did manage to win The Daytona 500 with The Wood Brothers in 2011, which gave the team their first win in over a decade, he has done little to nothing since then. In fact, not only has Bayne not won a Cup race since 2011, he also hasn’t made the playoffs and is rarely a top-ten contender.

With that being said, maybe it’s a case of being brought up from The Xfinity Series too fast and what team he currently races for, but it seems like the problem has more to do with the driver than anything else. Not only is that evident by how much more competitive his teammates at Roush Fenway Racing are compared to him, but also by the fact that he is slowly losing his ride to Matt Kenseth as well.

In the end, it’s been speculated that Trevor Bayne would lose his seat after The 2018 season comes to an end, and his inability to deliver in the races he has left is only proving that more and more.

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