10 NASCAR Drivers That Turned Out To Be Complete Busts

#10 Juan Pablo Montoya.

For most NASCAR fans, Juan Pablo Montoya will forever be known as the man that set Daytona International Speedway on fire during the 2012 Daytona 500, but he could have been so much more than that.  Not only was that evident by his combined 20 wins in multiple other series, but also by just how competitive Montoya was a driver.

With that being said, Montoya won his first NASCAR race in The Xfinity Series at Mexico City Speedway. He followed that up with a win at Sonoma California later that year in The Cup Series, which qualified him for that year’s playoffs. Despite this early success, Montoya was having difficulties adapting to stock car racing and couldn’t keep up with his fellow Cup series competitors on oval tracks.

In the end, Montoya spent seven years in NASCAR and while he did have some success, he never managed to win on an oval track, never made it very far in the playoffs and his aggressive driving style angered a lot of people a lot the way. Unfortunately for Montoya, this, along with his disaster at Daytona that paused the race for over two hours qualifies him as a complete bust.

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