10 Dumbest Rule Changes In NASCAR History

#3 Brian France

When Brian France took over control of NASCAR in 2003, some wondered what the future of the sport would hold. Unfortunately for a lot of longtime NASCAR fans, it turned out to be a disaster as France implemented change after change that drove the fans way. His first action as CEO was to disallow drivers from racing to the line under caution, which really upset a lot of fans.

Things only went downhill from there with France becoming less and less visible during each race weekend and even instituted a playoff system that was perceived extremely poorly. While the playoff format was the first step towards the awesome playoff system that we see today, it still had many problems that were too hard to overlook.

Then there was NASCAR’s move to NBC, which while it was a lucrative tv deal for the sport, it also hurt the quality of the product as well .not only did fans have to deal with constant commercials, subpar commentary and some of the worst television execution in the sports history, it also aired a majority of its races on a channel that fans couldn’t get without a special package.

The final straw came during the 2016 Championship award ceremony, where France presented Martin Truex Jr with the series championship, shoved it in his hand and quickly walked off. Fans later speculated that he snubbed Martin Truex Jr at the award show and that this indefinitely proved he no longer cared about the sport.

In the end, he has made a lot of questionable decisions over the course of his time as CEO and it has played a key role in driving fans away from the sport in droves.

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