10 Dumbest Rule Changes In NASCAR History

#4  The Car of tomorrow

The Car of Tomorrow was a very controversial time in NASCAR’s history and while the sport had the intention of trying to make the sport safer, the car’s boxy design and poor handling turned a lot of NASCAR fans off when they first debut. In fact, moments after winning the first Car of Tomorrow race in 2005, Kyle Busch told reporters that he hated the car and that it didn’t drive well.

With that being said NASCAR didn’t fully implement The Car of tomorrow until 2006, which was only one year after NASCAR tested the new design at a variety of race tracks throughout the season. While that was probably a smart thing to do on NASCAR’s part, especially since it gave them time to improve upon it, NASCAR using two different designs in the same season was a bit controversial.

In the end, NASCAR finally made a change in 2013 by introducing The Gen Six car, but the damage was already done and a lot of fans left the sport over the issue. In fact, the introduction of the car of tomorrow, along with the implementation of the first playoff format in 2004, seemingly caused a domino effect of poor decisions made by NASCAR.

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