10 Dumbest Rule Changes In NASCAR History

#5 constant all star format change

Few things were as painful to watch as NASCAR’s repeated attempts to create an interesting all-star race and while officials finally made the right changes in 2018, it took a very long time to get there. Of course all mainstream sports have struggled with how to make their respective all-star events more interesting for fans, but that problem was especially hard to deal with for NASCAR.

With that being said, NASCAR has made many changes to The All-star race over the past decade, but they seemingly kept missing the mark when it came to excitement. Not only was that evident by the fact that a driver would literally run away from the field at the beginning of the race and be impossible to catch, but also by how lackluster the racing actually was.

NASCAR tried to compensate for this problem by doing everything from making the final segment of the race to a ten lap shootout, to rewarding drivers that won a specific segment by guaranteeing them a spot in the top-five on the final restart of the race. Neither of these things really worked though and the lead car always ending up just pulling away again at the end.

With that being said, NASCAR’s all-star race has been a joke for a while now and all the gimmicky changes they continued to make over the years definitely didn’t help things at all. If nothing else, it showed just how gimmicky NASCAR itself is and left a bad taste in fans mouths that yearned for more excitement then a single file parade for 70 or so laps.

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