10 Dumbest Rule Changes In NASCAR History

#8 old overtime rule

Let’s be honest here.

There are few things that angered fans as much as the old overtime rule did and while NASCAR finally got things right in 2017 by moving it to the start finish line, it came after years of backlash. Not only did the ridiculous rule end the race on the backstretch if a driver crossed the line after a caution came out, the line was also at a part of the track that a lot of fans didn’t have a decent view of.

In the end, NASCAR finally did the right thing by fans and should be commended for doing so, but the time that it took to get to this point is honestly inexcusable and indicative of NASCAR officials being out of touch with their fan base. With that being said, the new overtime rule was a turning point in the sports history and signaled that NASCAR was open to different ideas again.

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