10 Dumbest Rule Changes In NASCAR History

#9 Racing to the line

NASCAR has made quite a few controversial rule changes in the name of safety over the last decade or so, but none of them have hurt the sport more than that of disallowing drivers from racing to the line. While NASCAR reconciled this by giving fans an overtime format, it still was a huge disappointment to see a race end abruptly under caution.

The move was one of many made after the untimely death of Dale Earnhardt in The 2001 Daytona 500 and the sport should definitely be respected for doing everything they can to make NASCAR safer. Unfortunately for NASCAR fans, the move also signaled one of the biggest periods of safety concern in the sports history and became less about excitement and more about safety.

In the end, it was something that seemed to take away from the competitive nature that the sport was known for many years ago, but it also gave fans some of the worst finishes the sport has ever seen With that being said, the rule has its advantages, chief among them allowing safety crews to get to injured drivers faster and should at least be appreciated for doing such!

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